Woodall Nicholson at Scarborough Engineering Week - Woodall Nicholson

November 8th 2017

Woodall Nicholson at Scarborough Engineering Week

Woodall Nicholson Group attended Scarborough Engineering Week this year; a fascinating exhibition aimed at school and college aged children with the aim of “Bringing STEM to life!”

This exciting exhibition is fantastic way to engage with the next generation of workers and inspire their interest in one of the fasted growing industries. It is estimated that 51% of 11-16 Year old would consider a career in engineering and 56% of new jobs created would be STEM related.
Everything Woodall Nicholson does has its roots in STEM; across all three divisions we use CAD to meticulously engineer vehicles for the emergency services, public and community transport, and funeral industry. At some point in your life, your likely to have used a vehicle made by the Woodall Nicholson Group. And given that our Mellor Division has a work-base in Scarborough, we had a vested interest in attending and showcasing what we do.
Throughout the exhibition around 3000 students and teachers attended and got a glimpse of the workplace opportunities available if you pursue a career in engineering. For many of the visitors it was their first chance to see the deconstructed stages of how a vehicle is developed. The team on the stand had a CAD station set up with a model of Mellor’s Strata – the completed bus was on show outside for the students to look around.
We also had on display the frame of a Coleman Milne Hearse, and again the completed build of a matching limousine was available for the visitors to see. This was a great opportunity for us not only to display the work we do as a group but also to offer insight and inspiration to the next generation of potential engineers.