International Nurses Day - Woodall Nicholson

May 12th 2020

International Nurses Day

In the same year that we celebrate our 200 year anniversary, today on International Nurses Day, we celebrate the 200th Birthday of Florence Nightingale.

From St Thomas’s hospital, she taught the lessons of modern nursing learnt from her experiences while looking after soldier’s fighting in the Crimea.

Today, more than ever, we appreciate the amazing efforts made by nurses and the wider caring community.

Woodall Nicholson has worked across all communities building specialist carriages and vehicles since Florence was born. The Crimea, the Boer War, Two World Wars, the Falkland Conflict, 9/11, Gulf 1 and 2, and now Covid-19.

Woodall Nicholson has supported its user community throughout and will continue to do, safely, securely, and sustainably.

Today Woodall Nicholson is one of the UK’s largest suppliers of front line ambulances and emergency service vehicles through their Blue Light Division who have, following recent site closures, now reopened and returned to supplying essential vehicles to our UK Emergency Services. #thankyounhs